Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Everquest: Living Legacy Promotion

This was announced a while ago, but I only learned about it recently. Sony (Online Entertainment) is currently holding a promotion, welcoming back old players who have accounts in good standing. Inviting you to “Celebrate your Hardcore Heritage”, they are offering free gameplay until July 25 in commemoration of the games 9th Anniversary, which occurred on March 16th.

If this sparks anyone’s interest, the official announcement link is here. On that website, they offer a download of the installer, as well as help if you have forgotten your account information. Further, they list a lot of additional in-game content such as events and bonuses.

Just for checking it out, each account is granted a bundle of items, designed to better equip your potentially lacking characters of the past. It also appears that each zone grants an extra (25%) experience bonus, and increased loot. If you end up enjoying your time, and renew your subscription, you will be rewarded with “The Temporal Chrysalis” (item), and the “Secrets of Faydwer All-In-One” software pack.

SOE has also extended a similar offer with additional bonuses to past subscribers of Everquest II. The official link for this program can be found here. Note that EQII free play is extended until July 31. I would recommend anyone with interest in either of these titles to jump back in game and take advantage while the offer lasts.

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